Implementation Template File

Use the following text as the basis for new implementations of provider-specific patterns. Create a new directory for the implementation under src/hugo/content/en-us/implementations/PROVIDER (replace en-us with other supported languages), then copy and paste the following content into a new file named _index.html.

# replace PATTERN with the pattern this implementation addresses
title: "Pattern - Short Description"
# change weight to position in list
weight: 10
summary: "summary of the implementation"

Description of the implementation.

## Use Cases

List the use cases and persona-based stories for this implementation.

## Reference Architecture

Insert a reference architecture diagram or other representation of the implementation.

Define and describe the actors:

- _Actor 1_ is something
- _Actor 2_ is something

If there are flows or interactions, use numbers and a list to describe.

1. _Actor 1_ does something
1. _Actor 2_ responds to _Actor 1_

### Assumptions

Place any assumptions for the reader here.

## Implementation

This section goes through the specific steps on how this solution is implemented. It can be through code, processes, or other methods.

### Group 1

If there are multiple series or groups of steps, use the `###` or `h3` heading level to group.

### Group 2

Next group of implementation steps.

## Considerations

Every implementation should have one or more considerations. A consideration could be in how devices interact, error conditions that may arise, or other things a reader should consider when applying the implementation for their use.

### Consideration 1

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### Consideration 2

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, proident mollit exercitation est commodo ea cillum magna anim adipisicing nulla proident duis aliquip tempor

Once saved, use the local development and testing process to review the following:

  1. Your content appears under the Implementations menu, under the provider section
  2. The summary appears under the provider and pattern category, for example Implementations/AWS
  3. Your content is fully rendered properly