Descriptions of who is commonly interested in an IoT solution.

Business Decision Maker

the CEO, CTO, CSIO, or manager of the Big Data team who is constantly on the lookout for solutions that will solve the company’s problems

Line of Business Application Developer

a cloud-knowledgeable developer who creates, owns, and maintains an entire application or service vital for the effective operation of an enterprise’s critical processes

Data Engineer

a technically-savvy person who knows both how to setup the cloud data infrastructure for the company and who is responsible for making sure it works right

Device Engineer

a highly specialized developer who knows how to write, test, and fix code that runs securely on physical, often resource-constrained devices

Fleet Manager

a cloud-knowledgeable developer in operations responsible for keeping a fleet of devices updated with current firmware and operating smoothly

Industrial Engineer

a technical specialist who builds, troubleshoots, and improves physical processes through the use of historians, SCADA systems, and PLCs to both support company operations and identify inefficiencies in those same operations

Operations Analyst

an analyst who investigates and analyzes IoT data, and develops models so the company can make good decisions about business questions and industrial engineers can take appropriate action

Security Architect

a technically-savvy person who thinks like a hacker in order to anticipate the moves and tactics that intruders will use to gain access to the company’s systems

Security Operations

a technically-savvy person who makes sure everything with a solutions' device security is functioning according to plan and sounding the alarm when it is not